Living with Covid-19

A short message from us, at Sanipro..

As we enter into the mid year of 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown the horror of global spread and brought many unprecedented situations all over the world.

​Although the vaccine is being developed tirelessly by researchers, it is inevitable that a lot of time will be taken until completion and success. Therefore, until then, it is imperative to stay alert and keep taking precautions to prevent and reduce the spread of infection.

The world must learn how to deal and live with infectious viruses such as Covid-19, and one of the main keywords essential to this matter is “hygiene management”. As the importance of even the simplest measure of infection prevention intensifies (such as washing hands, wearing a mask), the public awareness rises significantly as well. People are now more concern than ever, of the hygiene level of places they enter, such as restaurant, entertainment and public facilities.

Therefore, it is important to create and maintain a hygienic environment for customers, employees and the general public to feel safe. Our team of Sanipro specialists can help you with the following services, in order to meet the environmental improvement needs.


  • Hygiene management services: Such as special cleaning for restaurants and/or waste pond cleaning for factories.

  • Air-conditioning system maintenance: Indoor environmental quality testing (ventilation/differential pressure).

  • Environmental quality testing: SBS (sick building syndrome) prevention, air/water/soil quality of factories, etc.

  • Pest management: Extermination, monitoring and identification/analysis service to prevent outbreak and contamination.

  • Bird control: Get rid of unwanted birds inhabiting the area through methods such as bird net and repellent gel installation.

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