Pest Management 

Our approach of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) covers a wide range of services including: Monitoring, Analysis and Extermination.

We provide specific measures for many types of insect and rodent problems.

Bird Control

We customize the methods of Bird Control to fit your needs and environment for maximum results, at reasonable cost.

Bird-proof Net / Repellent Gel /

Gaps sealing / Shutters installation 

Escalator Handrail Sanitization
Facility Disinfection

To help elevate hygiene level and reduce the spreading of infectious diseases, we provide Facility Disinfection Service of all scales: Residential, Commercial and Industrial spaces. 

​Certificate of Disinfection provided.

Indoor Cleaning
Specialized Cleaning

We can supply hygiene management professionals for both standard and specialized cleaning to suit your needs, for commercial and industrial facilities.


​High-ground Cleaning / Tank & Pipeline Cleaning / Mechanical Cleaning

Scientist on Computer
Environmental Analysis

Environmental quality assessment through the sampling and analysis of

Air / Water / Soil / Toxic Substance.

We then use the data report to find a solution to improve and safeguard

your work environment.  

Products & Supplies

Through our network in Pest & Hygiene

Management industry, we can source a wide range of related products and supplies.

Looking for any particular equipment or material?

Let us know what you need!